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about me

My first writing project was when I was 6: I drew, wrote and colored a deck of animal A-Z cards, spelling all their names without any help (go little me!).  I've been involved in writing one way or another ever since: news and features, layout and pagination, copy writing, headline writing, editing wire copy, writing software engineering articles, crafting blurbs for a certain well-known film festival, as well as press releases, food writing, healthcare writing, revamping training for the American Express Centurion Card, and my current gig writing for clients such as The North Face, Salomon, KitchenAid, Wusthof and Purina. I've picked up some B2B and B2C marketing writing and have been known to tap out a video script from time to time.


My visual inspiration starts with my great-grandpa, Southern California, age 5, where I'd escape from the heat into his cavernous and shaded garage to explore its depths and various boxes and labels while he worked on an engine rebuild. There's nothing better than concert poster typography, album cover art, wine and beer label design, Louise Fili, 1920's-era business letterhead, old  business signage painted directly onto buildings, and Conjunction Junction.


I've had a love affair with photography since I was young when I did a photo shoot with my little brother, who I put makeup on and positioned in front of a white sheet tucked into the top drawer of my dresser with one of the family cats as co-model. I should post those.

March Madness addict. ANYONE BUT KENTUCKY.

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