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​Client: Nicholas & Company

Goal: To design a promo piece for a giveaway of an iPad Mini that would generate excitement and (hopefully) boost attendance at an out-of-state food show. Something that needed to be visually solved in the design was a requirement on the entry form that the vendor/business owner fill out the form themselves and not their sales rep, which would disqualify an entry. So: 1) I designed the piece to the exact height and width of an iPad Mini (because it's more interesting to feel and hold something that would be the size of the real thing), and 2) included 2 sets of four blank boxes on the entry form side that the entrant fills out themselves at the food show (must be present to win!).​

iPad Mini Promo and Giveaway

The back of the design. It was perforated so all the entrant has to do is fill out their information, keep the stub, and if their name is called and the boxes' numbers match, they win. Brilliant!

Here is how I envision the pre-entry conversation between the sales rep as s/he is handing them out to their customer(s) in anticipation of the food show:
"What are these boxes for?" asks the business owner
"You know, I'm not sure! Better wait and fill it out at the food show."

Cross fingers that this conversation actually took place.

Such lovely perforations.

A real iPad Mini on the left, and the fake one on the right.

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