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Salt Lake Community College
Health & Wellness Guidebook

Finished size: 8" by 6.6", folded, saddle-stitch, stapled


I used to sit in an area where I could overhear quite a bit of front-desk/receptionist phone calls with students, and most of the questions the students/callers asked were about locations, services, and were all these services at the other locations? I did some digging and found nothing in print form that had that information "under one roof." I proposed a guidebook to my manager and she loved the idea. This resulting guidebook that I wrote and designed is now handed out to every incoming student at a required incoming orientation during Fall semester.

I like this because it gives clear answers about what HWS does, provides up-front costs associated with the services, is easy to read and understand, can be reprinted whenever because there is no date or year on it, and promotes and cross-references their social media.

But the receptionists still got calls.

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